Our Approach

Nobel Laureate James Watson, DNA pioneer and co-discover of DNA’s double-helix,urged researchers to think and do things differently in hopes of finding new pathways for treatment.He Stated,“We must overcome the inherently conservative nature of today’s cancer research establishments.“

The KressWorks Institute embraces this idea and has become a pioneer for a different approach to cancer treatment.

We stand out by employing a Systems Engineering approach in our research.


But why Systems Engineering?

  • It enables us to more completely combine experimental and computational approaches.
  • It provides the systematic process to build the a complete representation of Cancer from its individual compnents.
  • It enables us to perceive “cancer” as complex dynamical and evolvable systems that entail a robust yet fragile nature.
  • Provides us with new insights from large-scale experimental data, but also enables us to perceive what are the conceivable characteristics of cancer under certain assumptions.
  • It is an engine of thoughts and proving grounds of various hypotheses on how cancer may behave as well as how molecular mechanisms work within anomalous conditions.
  • This shifts our attention to a more systematic control of cancer as complex dynamical phenomena.

The Systems Engineering Process


Our Goal is to apply the systems engineering process to the development of a targeted, effective, and efficient Systematic Treatment Methodology (STM).

We want to produce a clinically applicable Systematic Treatment Methodology that will be used to treat and cure cancer.